Safety rules

Structures and Materials Research Laboratory

Safety Rules

SMRL houses a variety of heavy and light equipment, such as forklifts, an overhead crane and SATEC frames. For the safety of the users, the use of personal protection equipment and the knowledge of safety rules are strictly enforced!

General Safety Rules

Personal Protection Equipments

Hard hats

Hard hats should be worn whenever:

  • the forklift truck and overhead crane are being used to lift above 2 m;
  • any person is working above 2 m;
  • a risk assessment has highlighted the need.

Safety footwear

Safety footwear should be worn by:

  • all technicians;
  • students that are going to spend extended time in the SMRL carrying out tests;
  • staff members spending extended time in the SMRL;
  • a risk assesment has highlighted the need.


Overalls should be worn:

  • when an open heat source is being used, such as welding and gas cutting;
  • when loose clothing might be caught by machinery;
  • when a risk assessment highlights the need.

Safety glasses

Safety glasses should be worn when:

  • using any workshop equipment;
  • there is a danger of flying objects;
  • testing is being carried out;
  • a risk assessment highlights the need.

Safety masks

Safety masks should be worn when:

  • using any cements or powders;
  • cutting dust producing materials;
  • a risk assessment highlights the need.

The forklift and overhead crane must be used by people who were submitted and passed the training course.



Working when technicians are not around involves some risks. Therefore, no construction of testing rigs and other types of testing are allowed to be carried outside normal office hour unless the user has a written permission from the SMRL Director. Regular office hours goes from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday. Furthermore, all experiments left running unattended such as fatigue test, must have instructions clearly displayed, including how to shut down the experiment safely in case of emergency, contact number for the person who is conducting the experiment and contact number of the supervisor.

For more information regarding equipment use, safety rules and personal protection equipment, contact the lab manager Michael Johnson at 213-740-0599 or

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