Micro-CT scanner

A state-of-the-art micro CT Nikon XT H 225 ST X-ray system scanner is now available in Viterbi Structures and Materials Research Laboratory (SMRL)!

This machine is one of the only two such machines on the West Coast. It is capable of both 2D X-ray imaging and 3D CT scanning.

Equipped with three target heads, it can produce a primary X-ray beam of 225 kV with up to 450W maximum energy, with a maximum resoluton is 3-micron. It can be used for a wide range of samples including, but not limited to, soft-tissue, polymers, ceramics, composites, metals and concrete, with a maximum weight of 50 kg and maximum size (in any dimension) of 500 mm. A powerful reconstruction PC is dedicated to quick post-processing of the CT scan data, and VGSTUDIO MAX is available for the voxel data analysis.