Outdoor fabrication area and storage

This zone is similar to an areaway to provide access to the SMRL. It has a retractable roof that is when open provides two separate openings with dimensions of 20 ft x 7 ft and 14 ft x 16 ft to lower specimens into the KAP basement. The first opening is served by a scissor lift that has 6,000 lbs capacity and both openings are served by a 10,000 lbs overhead crane. This space is also used for fabrication and storage.

Covered Outdoor Fabrication Area and Storage

The outdoor space of SMRL is used for receiving deliveries, storing materials and supplies, and fabricating large specimens. It is served by a 10,000 lbs overhead crane and a 6,000 lbs forklift.


Outdoor Fabrication and Storage

Another outdoor lot is used for large specimen fabrication and storage. Concrete specimens can be cast on-site at this location which is 5-mins walking distance from the main laboratory.