Reduced-scale reaction frame

Area A1b houses a reduced-scale reaction frame for structural testing. The reaction frame consists of approximately 115 square ft (14.5 ft long x 8 ft wide) strong floor and an L-shaped reaction wall (side of which are 14.5 ft wide x 8 ft high and 8 ft wide x 8 ft high). On the strong floor and walls, holes (for ¾ inch bolts) are provided at a 8 inches on center are provided. The reaction frame is designed to be used with the two state-of-the-art loading and boundary condition boxes (LBCB) that are described below. It is also possible to use this self-reacting frame in other test configurations with actuators. The reaction frame is served by a 2-ton overhead jib crane. A dedicated hydraulic power supply line with a dual port (30 gpm each) Shore Western hydraulic service (HSM) manifold is also available.

Reduced-Scale Reaction Frame

LBCB capacity

x3.65 inches15 kips
y3.65 inches15 kips
z1.51 inches40 kips
Rx7.1 degrees40 kips-ft
Ry7.3 degrees40 kips-ft
Rz15.6 degrees19 kips-ft