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Data Acquisition Systems, Sensors and Other Mobile Devices

The Laboratory is also equipped with a wide range of instrumentation and supplemental equipment for measurements of load, deflection and strain. A data acquisition system is available with a total of 128 channels, which are capable of parallel, dynamic measurement. The lab also houses a complete suite of displacement and load measurement transducers including LVDT’s, potentiometers, string potentiometers, and load cells. In addition, the following devices are available for a variety of measurements.

  1. A potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA for electrochemical testing of metals for corrosion.
  2. A half-cell potential device, Giatec XCell, to measure the corrosion potential of metals embedded in concrete.
  3. A rebound hammer, Proceq SilverSchmidt, to determine the approximate strength of concrete.
  4. A surface electrical resistivity measurement device, Giatec SURF, for rapid assessment of concrete to chloride attack.