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A7: Hydraulic Power Supply

The hydraulic power to areas A1a-b, A4 and A6 is supplied through a 40 gpm MTS 506.41E and a 120 gpm Shore Western (SW) WhisperPak 1180. These two pumps are capable of functioning separately (a 40 gpm or a 120 gpm flow rate) or simultaneously (160 gpm flow rate). Furthermore, SW WhisperPak 1180 has an on-demand feature and one of the two 60 gpm pumps may be turned off automatically through an embedded control system during operation. The total reservoir capacity between the two pumps is 725 gallons.

A 100 ft long stainless steel hardline is embedded inside a trench that spans a large portion of the Laboratory as shown in the lab layout. The hardline system consists of a 2 ½ inch schedule 160 304SS pressure line, a 2 ½ inch schedule 40 304SS return line and a 1 inch schedule 40 drain line. Ten take-off points are installed along the hardline and the hardline system is rated for a maximum flow rate of 220 gpm. Additionally, to maximize the performance of the distribution system accumulators are installed at each terminal location, one with a capacity of 30 gallon for the pressure line and 10 gallon for the return line, and the other with 45 gallon for the pressure line and 10 gallon for the return line.